Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor Stomachache [2014]
"Watching this movie is significantly better than having unnecessary brain surgery." Jeanne Velonis, GenCon attendee
"It’s not inappropriate for kids." Courtney Sheehan, Local Sightings
"Bring patience and know that as you are watching it, you are having, if nothing else, a unique experience." Krishanu Ray, The Stranger
"Looks like internet meme overload." Julius Kassendorf, The Solute
"Looks like all the right types of weird." Brett Hamil, City Arts
Bubble Bubble Meows and the Lame-O Baby Jib [2015]
"Possibly the single most hilariously random and entertaining comedy of 2015." Jeanne Velonis, GenCon attendee
"Both engrossing and exasperating." Bret Hamil, City Arts
"If you’re the right kind of freak, you’ll devour it accordingly." Tony Kay, City Arts
"A surrealist saga evocative of children’s television but definitively more intellectually stimulating." The Stranger
Bubble Bubble Meows and the Things That Happen in Movies Like This [2016]
"Detach yourself decidedly from reality with the aid of poor animation and assaultingly bright colors." The Stranger